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Graber Family Farm is operated by Lyndon and Amy Graber, their daughters Kaitlynn and Alaina Mincey, and Amy’s mother, Kathy Kalanquin.

Amy grew up on a small family farm and in 2010 decided to buy some ground for a few Lowline cattle to put on it. About a year later, Amy and Lyndon thought it would be a good idea to purchase a few goats to consume the weeds which the cattle would not eat. They purchased four goats that were a Boer/Nubian cross. Within a few months, the weeds were taken care of and so was a ditch line that had grown up in briars and various little trees. During these few months Lyndon, Amy, Kaitlynn and Alaina all developed a love for the goats with their personalities. They were significantly more personable than the cattle. Kaitlynn and Alaina weren’t intimidated by the size of the goats compared to the cattle, so they tended to spend more time with the goats. 

They purchased their first Fullblood Boer whenever Kaitlynn decided that she wanted to show in 4-H with some of her school friends. Lyndon and Amy decided to buy a couple goats to show in sanctioned ABGA shows to see if they would enjoy it. They found out they did and since then, it seems to have become an out-of-control hobby.

Amy’s mother, Kathy, retired in May of 2014 and has since been helping out with various things during the day since Amy and Lyndon both work fulltime. She takes care of the bottle babies and any other goats or calves that require attention during the weekdays.

They maintain anywhere from 40-80 goats on their farm which includes show animals, donor does and recips. Their goal is to focus on quality animals and not quantity. They try to keep 10-15 show or donor does on-hand at all times and flush three times per year. They deal in bucks, does, wethers and recips. They can usually have something in all price ranges so don’t be afraid to give stop by or give Amy a call and ask if she has something in your price range!

The Graber’s

Wethers available! Born February, March and early April. Produced by great genetics!  The prices range from $200-$400. Please call Amy @ 812.890.4807 for more details.

Call today to get your wether request in for the 2016 show season!

On A Whim Family Farm will be attending Nationals this year so stop by and see us at End Cap 17 in the Cattle Barn!


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